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NATALIE LASCELLES  -  Hypnotherapist  


Whatever your personal goals, contact Natalie for advice on how hypnosis can help:-

Pain:  Relief, prevention and control.

Stress:  Be happier and more successful by worrying less.

Fears:  Control fears and phobias.

Habits:  Change bad habits and behaviours such as smoking.  

Fitness: Control weight or improve athletic ability.

Effectiveness:  Improve decision making and concentration. 

Health: Your health can be improved through weight loss and by giving up smoking.  Sometimes however when trying to give up smoking or lose weight,  more than willpower is required.  Hypnotherapy can help boost your willpower and resolve.

News! April 2012

Our new hypnotherapy web site is launched.  Natalie works in and around Lymington in the New Forest. We hope you find this site helpful.


*     Boldre Bridge Lodge,  Rodlease Lane, Boldre, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 5PB

) 01590 689127