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NATALIE LASCELLES  -  Questions About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis?  It is a normal natural state that you can use to instruct and direct your subconscious mind and body, to achieve personal goals. 

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy?  Anyone of sound mind can benefit from hypnotherapy.  Treatment is tailored to your needs and lifestyle and includes the words, symbols and images to which you best relate.

Why do people undergo hypnotherapy? Each individual has different motivations for undergoing therapy.  These may be to overcome phobias,  lose weight,  to give up smoking or just to become a more effective individual at work or in personal life.

Will I remain conscious?  Yes, you will not be sent to sleep.  You will remain aware of your surroundings and indeed your senses may become heightened.  Near the end of the session you will be brought back slowly to be ready for your normal daily activities.

What if I have not undergone hypnotherapy before?  Your first sessions will be about helping you to relax and understand the process.  Hypnosis is not magic or the occult;  there is nothing to fear.  It is safe.

What happens during the session? You will be seated and made comfortable.  Then using relaxation and visualisation techniques,  I will access your subconscious mind and we will communicate and work together to bring about change.  We can work safely and comfortably to bring your life back into balance,  wellness and happiness.

How do I benefit from hypnosis?  We all have the ability to access our subconscious to achieve our goals, but it requires practice.  I will teach you to develop the skill of self-hypnosis for you to use between sessions. Just like throwing a ball, it is a skill that nearly all of us can do naturally. With practice and instruction, you will not only throw the ball effortlessly, you will throw it and hit a target.