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NATALIE LASCELLES - About Sports Massage

What is sports massage? It is a system of soft tissue massage techniques that enable you to maintain or correct your posture and balance throughout your body.  Gentle mobilisation of the joints will also keep you supple and pain free.

Who can benefit from  sports massage?  It is not just for sports people.  No matter what you do,  be it an active job or sedentary job,  a fitness fan or a pleasure walker,  sports massage can help you.

What are the benefits?  If you are a keen runner, golfer, sailor, footballer or horse rider, sports massage will help you doing what you want to do;  your sport.  Flexibility gives strength, good posture and balance throughout your body, this will help your stamina and most importantly reduces the risk of injury. Be the best you can be with sports massage.

What is Ultrasound? This is the use of acoustic energy to deliver the massage. It is used for specific injuries to tendons or soft tissue tears and injury and can help with deep bruising and nerve pain like sciatica.