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NATALIE LASCELLES  -  Equine Massage 


If your horse is undergoing veterinary treatment or is in recovery, contact Natalie for advice on how the Jack Meagher method of equine massage can help:-

Gait analysis: Loss of performance may be due to muscular imbalance, poor training or previous injuries.

Rectify adverse behaviours: Unable to strike off on the correct canter lead.  Maintain balance and rhythm on a diagonal. Unable to take a steady contact on the bit. Heavy in one rein, lean or pull on the contact.  Disunited canter.

Injury prevention and wellbeing:  Massage can prevent injury and improve the comfort and general well-being of the older competition horse where movement has become restricted due to joint wear.

News! May 2012

Our new equine massage and equine therapy web site is launched.  Natalie is an expert equestrian and uses the Jack Meagher method in and around Lymington and the New Forest. We hope you find the site helpful.


*     Boldre Bridge Lodge,  Rodlease Lane, Boldre, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 5PB

) 01590 689127