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NATALIE LASCELLES  -  Hypnotherapy Sessions

Natalie conducts hypnotherapy sessions by appointment from the comfortable surroundings of her home in Boldre in the New Forest. 

If you are new to hypnosis, your first session concentrates on putting any natural apprehension aside and helping you to relax and understand your goals.

Appointments typically occur weekly and last between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Some treatments only require one session, others such as weight loss and smoking may take more.  Smoking therapy also includes a CD help disk and follow-up support if required. 

The HYPNOTASTIC hypnosis method uses relaxation and visualisation techniques to allow your conscious mind to relax so that you can access your subconscious mind.  The method helps you change your focus away from what has caused your problems and safely bring your life back to balance, wellness and happiness.

If you have have concerns or questions about hypnosis  as a technique these may be answered here or contact Natalie directly for more information.