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NATALIE LASCELLES  -  Hypnotherapy Testimonials

By 'S': " Thank you for my hypnotherapy treatment.  I was a little nervous, but found the whole experience very calming.  I have now found that I don't panic when I go out,  have no fear or need to go home."

By 'B': "...I felt I should give it a go...things needed to change in my life...I was apprehensive at first...Natalie made me feel very at ease and explained everything fully...there were various skeletons in my cupboard but since then I have been able to move on in life and feel much more confident!"

By 'T': "I decided to try hypnotherapy to try to overcome riding nerves.  I had developed a particular fear of riding in an open space like a field.  Natalie explained what would happen and I can remember everything we said during the session...I cried when I went back over how I felt about a 'bad' horse but it was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.  Now nothing bothers me in competition,  even when the horse spooks,  I can just laugh where before I would have hunched into a ball."